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IMEC programs are customized for the future chief executives of large organizations – for the short-term future: current second-tier executives, and for the long-term future: the high potentials.

At the heart of each program lies an approach which integrates the profession, the context and the personality. The central task is to emphasize the appropriate elements based on the specific development requirements and organization culture.

Public sector – Algemene Bestuursdienst (ABD) Office for interdepartmental senior management, leadership development for second-tier management

In close collaboration with the ABD, IMEC developed the Candidates Program. This program was set up to ensure quality improvement and the succession of senior management within the Dutch central government. The primary target group consists of those heads of units and departments who have the potential for director-level positions.

The core of the program is the development of new leadership. A type of leadership that, while the context becomes ever more complicated, is motivated by a strong sense of personal involvement of the executive and is ultimately expressed by professional, visionary and insightful action.

The program is designed as an expedition, an exploration of one’s profession, the context and one’s own personality in the role of tomorrow’s government manager. There is no place here for passive knowledge consumption: participants work on their skills and competencies in close collaboration with inspiring leaders, experts, luminaries and most of all with each other. The participants’ area of exploration extends from reflection upon their own personality to the investigation of their position and role in the larger context of the entire organization. This learning process is closely monitored, but ultimately the responsibility remains with the participants themselves. The program aims to not only develop a generation of new leaders but also to cultivate a culture of new leadership within the Dutch government.