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excerpt from translation of A Quick Scan report by SOMO - click on Dutch flag for source text

Translated for SOMO


A Quick Scan is a short research study which is undertaken in a period of six days to assess the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of a specific company. A Quick Scan is usually commissioned by an NGO or trade union. The information found during the Quick Scan can be used by these organizations when entering into partnerships or other forms of cooperation with the company. However, the Quick Scan does not provide a complete and detailed image of a company’s social performance. SOMO checks in which sector the company operates and mentions what specific problems and issues regarding Corporate Social Responsibility are important in this particular sector. Subsequently, SOMO investigates whether these issues are also relevant for the company that is being scanned. This part of the Quick Scan consists of three steps:

  1. Risk analysis

First the reputation of the company is reviewed. Has the company been the focus of campaigns from environmental organizations, human rights organizations, or consumer organizations? Has there been any evidence of negative publicity, legal or regulatory violations? Has the company received media attention with regard to violations of CSR standards or its own code of conduct? Has the company undertaken controversial activities that have not been in accordance with its self-proclaimed social responsibility? To answer these questions a search is conducted on the Internet and in the international press, including for example local newspapers from countries in Africa, Latin America and South East Asia.